Is glacial ice a mineral?

Answer A mineral is classified as a substance consisting of one or more elements, with a crystalline structure. Ice, therefore, being made up of oxygen and hydrogen, and being crystalline in its frozen st... Read More »

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What is glacial weathering?

Glacial weathering is the erosion of rocks and land formations that takes place as a glacier cuts its way through or over the land mass. This results in the breaking down of rock into loose particl... Read More »

What does"glacial pace"mean?

The term "glacial pace" refers to the slow-moving nature of glaciers. If something were described as moving at a glacial pace, it would mean that it is moving extremely slowly.References:Dictionary... Read More »

Glacial Topography?

Glaciers are rivers of ice formed by compacted snow over thousands of years. They are responsible for grinding out many large topographical features across the world with their immense, incredibly ... Read More »

Glacial Effects on Boulders?

Boulders can be defined as rocks that are too big for a person to pick up and move. They are often found in "boulder fields" or quite isolated, where they are defined as "erratics." The very large ... Read More »