Is ginseng good for gum disease?

Answer On One Hand: Used In ToothpasteAccording to Purdue University, toothpaste makers sometimes put ginseng in their product because it can help fight plaque and reduce the chances of developing gingivi... Read More »

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Is vitamin C good for gum disease?

On One Hand: It prevents gum diseaseSailors in the 18th century would eat limes while at sea to prevent bleeding gums. Having enough vitamin C in your diet is critical to healthy gums because it is... Read More »

Is biotene good for periodontal disease?

Biotene products are designed to treat dry mouth, not periodontal disease. According to NIDCR, to prevent periodontal disease, brush at least twice a day, floss once a day and visit a dentist at le... Read More »

What is a good natural remedy for gum disease?

On One Hand: Echinacea Reduces Gum InflammationGum disease, caused by bacterial infections, often produces red and swollen gums. Individuals may treat gum disease with alternative remedies, includi... Read More »

Is lemon juice good for periodontal disease?

On One Hand: Yes, because it has vitamin CLemon juice is loaded with vitamin C, according to Add 1 tbsp. to a glass of water or tea to get 7 mg or about 10 percent of your... Read More »