Is gingivitis spread through kissing or drinking from the same glass?

Answer Ignore the answer of the guy above me. He got a thumbs down from me. He's confusing gingivitis with SCURVY!!!Anyways, no you can't get gingivitis from kissing or sharing drinks. You do pass the ... Read More »

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Can u spread a cold sore through kissing?

I see many answers saying "It's possible"..... That's no good if a person doesn't know the answer so, just decided to say """"It's possible""" Th's a very serious subject.... and the answer is....... Read More »

Can H.I.V be passed through the saliva to someone with a cut in their mouth through kissing?

Kissing is not a threat. Remember those ads that you can kiss and love people with HIV? BUT that cut is going to be problem. Even though the uninfected person doesn't have a cut, she/he has teeth a... Read More »

Can you spread a disease just from sticking safety pins through your finger a lot?

YES!But hepatitis would be the least of your problems. More likely you can get an infection in your bloodstream, which can be very serious, and even cause death.Don't do this :)

Can you catch aids from drinking out of a dirty beer glass?

Yes you can. Is it probable? No. Possible? Absolutely. As you see in the post above if there was an open cut or other injury causing the mouth to bleed, gingivitis?, then transmission is possible. ... Read More »