Is gingivitis spread through kissing or drinking from the same glass?

Answer Ignore the answer of the guy above me. He got a thumbs down from me. He's confusing gingivitis with SCURVY!!!Anyways, no you can't get gingivitis from kissing or sharing drinks. You do pass the ... Read More »

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Can u spread a cold sore through kissing?

I see many answers saying "It's possible"..... That's no good if a person doesn't know the answer so, just decided to say """"It's possible""" Th's a very serious subject.... and the answer is....... Read More »

How to Quit Drinking Using a Marked Glass?

Quit drinking for life. If you are tired of spending money, or are wasting your life away. You can stop by following this plan.

How to Perform the Drinking Glass Trick?

This is a fun way to fool your friends.

Which are the benefits in drinking one glass of wine?

studies have shown that drinking one glass of RED WINE each night is beneficial for weight loss , reduces forgetfulness, boosts your immunity, and helps prevent bone loss.