Is ghosting more often a problem with LCD monitors than for LCD hdtv's?

Answer That all depends on the specific display, but the short answer is the HDTV is more likely to suffer ghosting problems.The larger an LCD is the more the Black to white response time will be, (not gr... Read More »

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Do 3d tvs consume more electricity than normal hdtvs?

The price of 3D TVs may be slightly more expensive than regular TVs but the electricity consumption is the same if not less. Cinema 3D TVs come with an energy star rating. LG Cinema 3D TVs are also... Read More »

Will a judge give custody to the parent with more money who's had a drug problem or the jobless parent who loves the child more than life itself?

Answer Custody is granted to the parent who will give the child the most stable, safe and caring environment.Needless to say, any parent who has a proven drug problem, will not be looked on favorab... Read More »

How much more expensive were hdtvs then sdtvs when hdtvs were introduced?

Do flat panel screens give off more radiation than the old PC monitors?

Technically, the flat panels don't give out any dangerous radiation at all. However, the old ones can give out 2 radiations: 1. The old screen bombard a chemical coating on the screen with electron... Read More »