Is getting your teacher a gift at the end of the year weird?

Answer On One Hand: Gift Giving is a TraditionGifts for teachers aren't weird, they're a widely accepted way for students and their parents to thank an educator for his or her efforts. Common gifts includ... Read More »

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Is getting your teacher a gift weird?

On One Hand: A Matter of TraditionGiving your teacher a gift for the holidays or at the end of the year isn't weird, it's tradition. Gift-giving is most common in the earlier school years, such as ... Read More »

What do you get a teacher for an end of the year gift?

On One Hand: Purchased Gifts Are AppropriateFancy foods, such as chocolate or fruit, a super-sized coffee mug or sticky-note pads are all appropriate, simple, inexpensive gifts that any teacher can... Read More »

Is it ok to get your teacher a gift at the end of the year?

On One Hand: It's a Nice GestureShowing appreciation to a teacher, coach or school administrator at the end of the year is certainly a nice gesture and would probably be accepted gratefully. Most t... Read More »

Thrifty High School Teacher Gift Ideas for End of Year?

Gift ideas for high school teachers should be thoughtful, in good taste and reflect your teacher's personality. The gifts also don't have to cost a lot of money. For example, if you know that your ... Read More »