Is getting shows off of youtube illegal?

Answer if there's a download button, it's not illegal

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Has anyone actually had sucsess with getting youtube to remove illegal/abusive posts?

Good luck with that one. I found one,once that was,just sick, a guy talking about pedophiles like they were ok. Reported it and nothing happened.

How do I put slide shows on YouTube?

Create a Slide ShowCreate a slide show on Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie, which are free downloads on the Windows and Apple official website. Drag the pictures on the time line in the order yo... Read More »

How do people put tv shows on youtube?

Mostly video capture cards. It's like a DVR on your computer. Either that or they download the tv shows from different sources and put them up on youtube.

Do yo think tv shows for kids are getting too grown?

In my opinion yes they are in some ways like the hidden messages they quickly pass threw to view. Most kids don't catch it but some do.