I'm not a virgin and i'm bleeding when getting fingered?

Answer there are two possibilities - trauma (if you had pain) or vaginal infection - check below

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Can getting fingered cause you to get your period early?

After BF who is wearing his jeans fingered you realized wet spot on his jeans unsure if he accidentally touched that wet spot and then fingered you?

im sure your fine. sperm cant really go through jeans or fabric and it dies shortly after touching the air. dont worry

Is getting drunk at school a bad thing?

It depends on what you mean by "bad." Could you have gotten in a lot of trouble? Yes, because in high school, everyone is up your ***. Is it morally wrong? I personally don't think so. I wouldn't r... Read More »

What's the best thing about getting drunk?

gaining confidence, good way to have fun, i wouldnt dance without alcohol