Is getting an education worth the time&money?

Answer On One Hand: People With Degrees Make More MoneyAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, people who have bachelor's degrees earn $1 million more on average in their lifetime than people who have only h... Read More »

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Is it worth getting a HD tv?

well bud first its hard to find an HDTV in anything under 19 inch. second the amount you have to pay for a decent 32 in (average room size tv) is only like 100 bucks more than a 19 inch and the bes... Read More »

Is an old car worth getting repaired?

On One Hand: Car repairs often cost less than a new carA $500 repair job is a better deal than a $300 monthly car payment for the next five years. If you can keep your car running for less money th... Read More »

Is the Canon 7D worth getting?

The dSLR was never meant to do video. As such, you won't have video controls with it. That's where camcorders gain more advantage. If you argue that dSLR's have better lenses then I'd say simply ge... Read More »

Is the 8gb iphone worth getting?

since the time your contract expires and the age of your ipod are at a great time, i say go for it! or, if you wish, you can get a normal phone from at&t and get the ipod touch. it has 8 and 16 gb ... Read More »