Is getting a headache when going to the bathroom a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Answer If you have missed a period take a test. If you haven't it is likely the headache etc are not due to pregnancy.

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Ive been trying for a baby are stomach cramps and a headache an early pregnancy symptom?

Answer i had bad stomach cramps and headaches in early pregnancy, i was convinced i was going to start my period.. but i didnt i now 5 months pregnant and i still get bad heads and some period lik... Read More »

Headache that's going on for 10 years and is getting worse?

this sounds really serious,but instead of delaying it any longer, you really need to get it checked out by a professional, tell your doctor all of the symptoms just how you described it the... Read More »

Is feeling weird when you are sitting down a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Doesn't sound like one to me. Take a home test or go see a doctor if you think your pregnant.

If you felt a letdown when you haven't breastfed in 9 months is it a symptom of pregnancy?

AnswerNo I don't believe so.I'm quite sure (but not 100%) that some women have hormonal changes mid-cycle that can induce mucus or dishcarge from the nipples, especicially if you have what they cal... Read More »