Where can you watch or download One Piece from episode 262 to the end on GERMAN but with no German subs it must be in German language?

Answer you can watch the new episodes on the link below. just search for the episode you will watch (just like youtube) but beware there are BOTH the German dub AND the German sub versions the episodes... Read More »

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Is the German spoken in the German areas of Switzerland different from the language in Germany?

Swiss german is a dialect spoken in the german parts of the country. depending on which canton you are in, the dialect can vary (ie: accent, words, etc..). i find that the more high german i learn,... Read More »

What's the most romantic song according to you(any language)?

old songs:all my life by Americait might be you by Stephen BishopsGot to believe in magic by David PomeranzYou by the CarpentersLove is all that matters by Eric Carmena long & lasting love by Cryst... Read More »

How to Interpret Romantic Body Language?

Body language simply speaks for itself. Here are the signs when someone is feeling romantic towards you.

Is Dutch a German language?

Dutch is not a German language, but it is related to German because both are Germanic languages. Approximately 20 million people in the Netherlands and Belgium speak Dutch, according to the Omniglo... Read More »