Is genital itching bad?

Answer On One Hand: Could Be a Serious ProblemGenital shows up as a symptom in any number of infections and rashes. Some of the most common conditions related to genital itching are genital herpes, scabie... Read More »

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What are itching bleeding bumps around the urethra and genital area?

Answer it's possibly herpes. those usually itch, and if irritated, bleed.

Genital Pain?

Genital pain can be a result of many different conditions in men and women, including vaginal or penis cancer. It also could be as a result of a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, whic... Read More »

Are genital warts curable?

Genital warts are lumps that appear around your genital area that cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Although there is no cure for the virus that causes genital warts, there are treatments ... Read More »

How to Remove Genital Hair on Men?

Genital hair removal has left the realm of strictly women and is becoming a common trend for men as well. The advantages include increased hygiene, comfort and aesthetics. Genital hair removal can ... Read More »