Is gas or electric better for heating homes in massachusetts?

Answer On One Hand: Gas Prices Are High WorldwideNatural gas prices rise and fall according to a competitive world market supply and demand. The price of natural gas has risen sharply over the years.On th... Read More »

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Are homes with nuclear energy better than homes with electric energy?

On One Hand: Energy is EnergyElectricity that comes from a nuclear reactor is in no way different than electricity that comes from any other source. Electricity is simply made up of electrons, and ... Read More »

Heating air code for Arkansas homes?

How do I figure the amount of tons I need for my house using a gas heat pumpunit? I have heard it said that you could figure from 500 to 700 sq. ft. per ton.I live in NE Arkansas.

What is the average heating oil for residential homes?

"Average" heating oil consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, napthalene and coloring dye. Heating oil is a product derived from crude petroleum, refined and blended for heating fuel opt... Read More »

How do I clean heating ducts in mobile homes?

Remove the Vent CoversSwitch off the central heat and air unit. Unscrew the vent covers using a screwdriver and remove them. Place a hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Turn on the vacuum. Inse... Read More »