Is garlic powder on dog food a good flea repellent?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, It IsGarlic powder, or garlic in any form, is a good flea repellent, according to Dr. William Falconer from Alternatives for Animal Health. Feed a large dog the powder equivalent ... Read More »

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How to Make a Natural Flea Repellent Powder?

Fleas are fairly tricky to get rid of and a homemade "powder" won't solve the problem by itself but in conjunction with regular cleaning of bedding, vacuuming living areas frequently, letting in lo... Read More »

How to Put Garlic Powder in Horse Feed for Fly Repellent?

During warmer months of the year, flies appear in abundant numbers, but some also survive during the winter. Nuisance flies, such as the common house fly, and biting flies, such as the stable fly, ... Read More »

Does garlic powder have the same anti-viral effects as garlic bulbs?

On One Hand: Fresh, Crushed Garlic Offers Full BenefitsPeople hoping to fight infections with garlic may have to stick with fresh, crushed garlic. Health writer Jennifer Garfinkel explains that gar... Read More »

How to Mix Natural Flea Repellent?

Fleas are tiny creatures, but they are one of the biggest pests for animals like cats and dogs. Fleas rapidly increase in number and can quickly infest your pet, flooring, furniture and backyard. O... Read More »