How do I stop gambling?

Answer Gambling excessively is a serious problem that doesn't just affect your financial security. It may not gain as much attention as more apparent addictions such as alcohol or drug use, but gambling c... Read More »

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Why Is Gambling an Addiction?

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are the three most widely-recognized addictions, according to the New Brunswick Addiction and Mental Health Services Web site. However, gambling is also an addiction that... Read More »

How can I stop gambling?

People who struggle with gambling may lie about gambling, feel guilty about gambling and gamble with money that should be used on other things (like household expenses). Compulsive gambling is extr... Read More »

VA Gambling Laws?

Virginia gambling laws limit large-scale gambling to wagering on horse races, whether at the horse track or at an authorized off-track betting site. You can't bet on games of chance in Virginia unl... Read More »

What is gambling addiction?

When you have a gambling addiction, it means that you give in to the compulsion to gamble despite the negative consequences. At its most serious level, a gambling addiction can be distinguished as ... Read More »