Is frequent urination a symptom of a urinary tract infection?

Answer On One Hand: Frequent Urination: A Primary SymptomThe urinary tract helps your body to filter and remove liquid waste. When bacteria in the urinary tract multiplies, it sometimes leads to a urinary... Read More »

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Why do urinary tract infections cause frequent urination?

Frequent urination is down to the bladder swelling from infection. It swells up faster than normal, so smaller amounts of urine will be passed more frequently.Urine can sometimes contain blood beca... Read More »

Is frequent urination a symptom of hyperglycemia?

According to the Mayo Clinic, frequent urination is an early symptom of hyperglycemia, along with increased thirst, blurred vision and fatigue. If you develop symptoms of hyperglycemia, check your ... Read More »

Is frequent urination a pregnancy symptom?

Answer Yes it could possibly be a symptom but I would not go just on that.

Is a urinary tract infection the same as a bladder infection?

On One Hand: There is More to a Urinary Tract Than a BladderEvery bladder infection can fairly be categorized as a urinary tract infection, although not every urinary tract infection is a bladder i... Read More »