Is freon in an ac unit a health issue?

Answer On One Hand: Freon Isn't Normally a Danger in Air ConditionersFreon used in air conditioning units isn't typically a health risk. Health problems can develop with Freon when a person is exposed to ... Read More »

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I had forgotten to claim a prior health issue as a prexisting health issue will I now never be able to get coverage for it under my current policy Could I even be cancelled out and lose my coverage?

I'm not an ''expert' on health insurance, but do know that any 'misleading' info on any insurance application can cause great problems. It is called Misrepresentation and can get claims denied and ... Read More »

What is a "Help" issue, is that like a "Health" issue, or do you need symptoms for that, granted?

I'm puzzled. Do you mean HELLP syndrome? If that's what you meant, HELLP stands for:H-hemolysisEL-elevated liver enzymesLP-low platelet countHELLP syndrome is a severe form of pre-eclampsia (where ... Read More »

Is freon in an a/c unit bad for you?

On One Hand: Limited EffectsIn most cases, freon has a limited effect on one's health. Freon is a refrigeration compound comprised of chemicals such as: carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine. Air... Read More »

What is 'freon leak' in AC unit?

Freon or R22 as it used to be called, not sure now, may be using R134a is a coolant that has excellent temperature transfer qualities so when its cooled on the outside(evaporator - evaporate heat) ... Read More »