Is french pressed coffee bad for you?

Answer I have read something about's an article that explains it. It basically says that when hot water is added to coffee, oils called terpenes are released, and that these have been known to... Read More »

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Can a very fine coffee grind like "Turkish Coffee" be prepared by French Press?

The French press requires a coarse grind because it uses a coarse screen to filter out the grounds. If you use a Turkish grind you'll get lots of silt in your cup. Of course, you get that when you ... Read More »

How is French roast coffee made?

French roast coffee doesn't come from France, but refers to a process. French roast coffee is the darkest of roasts with the lightest of tastes, creating almost a flavor "effect" not influenced ver... Read More »

How to Heat Water for a French Press Coffee Pot?

Controlling the intensity and flavor of your coffee is easy with a French press coffee pot, so it's not surprising that coffee aficionados the world over often prefer a French press to other coffee... Read More »

How to Dispose of French Press Coffee Grinds?

The French press is a simple device that allows you to squeeze a serving of coffee through a filter, then pour the coffee directly into a cup for drinking. Once you have pressed the coffee in a Fre... Read More »