Is fossil fuel a kinetic energy or a potential energy?

Answer Fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, store potential energy until this energy is released through the process of combustion. When a fossil fuel is burned, energy is released in the form of heat.Sou... Read More »

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Is nuclear energy a kinetic or potential energy?

Nuclear energy can be either kinetic or potential. A chunk of uranium has lots of potential nuclear energy: atoms that have not yet decayed. As the uranium undergoes radioactive decay, it gets hot.... Read More »

Middle School Science Demonstrations of the Potential of Kinetic Energy?

Potential and kinetic energy demonstrated through activities give middle school students an opportunity to apply their understanding of energy concepts. These demonstrations help students make the ... Read More »

Is nuclear energy a fossil fuel?

Nuclear energy is not a fossil fuel. Nuclear energy is released by the splitting or merging together of the nuclei of atoms. This energy is then translated into a usable form. Fossil fuels come fro... Read More »

Which fossil fuel is used most to produce energy?

Liquid petroleum products provide most of the world's energy. Out of a total ~500 quadrillion Btu (British thermal units) used per year, petroleum provides about 40 percent of the energy. Coal prov... Read More »