Is foreclosure worse then bankruptcy?

Answer On One Hand: Bankruptcy Is WorseA bankruptcy will remain on your credit reports for 10 years, according to The stigma associated with bankruptcy will make it difficult for you to obtain ... Read More »

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Which is worse on your credit: bankruptcy or foreclosure?

On One Hand: A Bankruptcy Lasts LongerA bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years, where a foreclosure will stay for only seven. Consequently, although both are devastating to a credi... Read More »

Is a Short Sale or a Foreclosure Worse?

During the course of normal file access, the computer can become sluggish. This sluggishness can be caused when fragments of files become scattered across the disk drive rather than being contiguou... Read More »

Can you file bankruptcy after a foreclosure?

You can file for bankruptcy at any time. Many individuals file for bankruptcy after foreclosure if they still owe money to their lender that they cannot afford to pay. Bankruptcy protects you from ... Read More »

Can you buy a home after bankruptcy&foreclosure?

On One Hand: Bankruptcy Damages Your CreditLenders look at your credit rating to determine loan-worthiness. The credit rating is a composite score based on your financial history, taking into accou... Read More »