Is forcing your child to be vegan a form of child abuse?

Answer Owlwings said it well. I agree with him. Most people feed their kids the same things that they (the parents) eat. I remember when my youngest was little - all she wanted to eat was yogurt so I... Read More »

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If a parent is a vegan and insists on forcing his/her child to exist on a vegan diet ....?

I depends on whether or not the child is meeting proper weight and is healthy. As for forcing your lifestyle on your child, I'm not for that...We have made the choice to let our son choose his own ... Read More »

Is it a form of abuse to curse at your child?

Yes, it is.It may not seem like it, and while it's not the worse type of abuse out there, it is abuse.And any abuse is not good.Cursing, or yelling or just talking plain mean to them is verbal abus... Read More »

Child neglect is a form of child abuse?

Yes, neglect is a form of child abuse and can seriously effect the child. Neglect can include not providing the basic needs of the child. This includes shelter, wamth, food, water and care. Daniel

Can charges for child abuse be brought on foster parents after child becomes an adult and remembers the abuse?

Answer In some cases the statute of limitations begins when you remember the abuse. I would try to find a lawyer, but this is pretty hard if you don't have the money.If these people are still fos... Read More »