Is food coloring bad for children?

Answer On One Hand: Some Organizations Say "Yes"The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a 2007 Southampton University study and a number of independent scientists claim that there is a definitive l... Read More »

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Can you use food coloring to dye children's hair?

Food coloring can be used to dye children's hair and is safer than traditional hair dyes. Food coloring shows up best on light-colored hair. As with all synthetic dyes, do an allergy test before us... Read More »

Is food coloring the same as icing coloring?

Food coloring and icing coloring is not the same thing. Icing coloring is a colored gel that does not water down the frosting and is available in a multitude of shades. Food coloring is water-based... Read More »

What does food coloring contain?

Food coloring contains a variety of ingredients, based on its use. Some food colorings contain natural colorants, such as vegetable juice or even insects. Other colorings contain petroleum-based ch... Read More »

How much food coloring is in one M&M?

Each M&M candy weighs approximately 1 gram. Five food colorings are used in M&Ms. The amount of food coloring in an individual M&M ranges from .015 to .025 milligrams, depending on the particular c... Read More »