Is food coloring bad for children?

Answer On One Hand: Some Organizations Say "Yes"The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a 2007 Southampton University study and a number of independent scientists claim that there is a definitive l... Read More »

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Is food coloring the same as icing coloring?

Food coloring and icing coloring is not the same thing. Icing coloring is a colored gel that does not water down the frosting and is available in a multitude of shades. Food coloring is water-based... Read More »

How is food coloring made?

Appealing food is consumed first and presentation of food matters, whether you cook at home or eat out. Food coloring is added to food to enhance its appearance. Synthetic food colors are made from... Read More »

Who created food coloring?

Food coloring has been a popular additive for several centuries. In fact, archaeologists believe food colorings have been around since 1500 B.C. Although the exact inventor of the additive is unkno... Read More »

Oil & Food Coloring Projects?

Create some interesting projects for children using simple items such as oil and food coloring, which can normally be found in most homes. Create colorful projects while incorporating a science les... Read More »