Is folliculitis viral or fungal?

Answer According to the Mayo Clinic, folliculitis, which is an infected hair follicle, is most commonly caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, but this infection can also be caused by a virus or fu... Read More »

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Viral Neurominidase, Besides Inhibiting the Release of Viral Particles From an Infected Cell, does it Also-?

Viral neuraminidase is an enzyme on the surface of influenza viruses that enables the virus to be released from the host cell. Drugs that inhibit neuraminidase are used to treat influenza. Viruses ... Read More »

Folliculitis and the onitment?

Is folliculitis related to hiv?

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles. Some types of folliculitis--including eosinophilic folliculitis, staphylococcal folliculitis and HSV folliculitis--are common in people with HIV ... Read More »

Is hot tub folliculitis contagious?

Hot tub folliculitis, a skin condition usually on the back that manifests itself in small red to purple bumps, is not contagious. People get it from hot tubs that have bacterial overgrowth. Hot tub... Read More »