Is foamed-in-place a type of foam or insulation?

Answer According to the U.S. Department of Energy, foamed-in-place is a readily available form of insulation. This form of insulation is sprayed directly into an existing wall or ceiling cavity. Once insi... Read More »

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What Type of Foam Is Used in a Jamison Resort Foam Mattress?

A comfortable mattress helps guarantee a good night's sleep. Jamison Resort Mattresses are available in many vacation resorts but are also available for homes. According to the American Chronicle, ... Read More »

Foam & Foil Duct Insulation?

If you want to efficiently heat and cool your home you have to properly insulate your ducts. Ducts are the pipes through which warm and cool air flow into and out of your home; insulating them by w... Read More »

How do you make polyurethane foam insulation?

Answer Had my chem teacher in highschool grow the PU foam in front of the class, how did he do it? Answer You need four chemicals:A polyol. For foam, glycerin will work.A diisocyanate. A catalyst ... Read More »

Insulation Foam Vs. Cellulose Fill?

Whatever type of heat source you have in your home, it's of little use if the heat is headed out into the world. Proper insulation helps you to get maximum heat for minimum cost. Rigid foam insulat... Read More »