Is fluoride free water vegan?

Answer Where I live the tap water is fluoride-free (or as good as) simply because fluoride is not added in the first place.Why do you feel the need to imply a threat by adding that you work in law enforce... Read More »

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Fluoride free toothpaste okayim becoming vegan?

both good. if you want to avoid toothpaste that contains gelatin, glycerine, or stear, that would be coolbtw, most of the bacteria that causes cavities is on the back of your tongue and cheeks. try... Read More »

What are some ways to get water without fluoride on the cheap Besides Bottled water?

You can inexpensively remove fluoride two ways:1) by a countertop or under sink filter with a specially designed fluoride removal cartridge - typically activated alumina is used , this is NOT alumi... Read More »

Does water from a water cooler dispenser contain Fluoride (like in offices)?

depends on where the water for the cooler comes fromif from town supply water with Fluoride in it YESif bottled water contact the supplier to find out

Do Fiji Water& Smart Water contain fluoride or chlorine?

Fiji Water does not contain chlorine, but according to its website, it does contain approximately 0.26mg of naturally occurring fluoride per liter. According to the Glaceau website, all fluoride an... Read More »