Is flame resistant clothing safe for children?

Answer On One Hand: Designed for SafetyChildren's clothes that contain flame retardants were designed to keep children safe in the event of a fire. All new children's sleepwear is regulated by the Consume... Read More »

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Benefits of Flame Resistant Clothing?

Flame-resistant chemicals have been created to allow companies to make clothes that reduce the effects of a fire on a person, such as fire-resistant pajamas for children or fire-resistant clothing ... Read More »

What is the difference between fire retardant&flame resistant clothing?

The key difference between fire-retardant and flame-resistant material is that one will continue to burn while the other is designed to self-extinguish.Fire RetardantFire-retardant material is desi... Read More »

The Difference Between Flame Resistant & Flame Retardant?

Flame resistant and flame retardant are terms often applied to safety clothing and equipment. Although they can apply to structures, they are more often applied to fabrics. Requirements differ acco... Read More »

Is nylon flame-resistant?

As with most synthetic fabrics, nylon is flame-resistant. But, while nylon ignites slowly, it burns quickly. Nylon melts into a hot, liquid substance that causes extremely severe, localized burns.... Read More »