Is fish farming safe for humans?

Answer On One Hand: Fish Farming Meets Consumer DemandsAccording to Congressional Quarterly Researcher, consumer demand for fish products has increased dramatically since the 1950s. More than 40 percent o... Read More »

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Is eating fish in lakes that accept runoff from fertilized farming fields safe?

On One Hand: Chemical FertilizersRunoff from farms that use chemical fertilizers is high in nitrogen, which reduces the oxygen levels in the water and kills the fish. It also causes toxic algae blo... Read More »

What if aliens started FARMING HUMANS?

great question! i like your logic. i imagine that to aliens, our screams would be just like cows mooing. for some reason when animals cry out in pain, we dont react the same just because they dont ... Read More »

How many fish are required for fish farming?

No set number of fish is legally required for fish farming. The number of fish depends on what type of fish you plan to farm and why you're farming them. The Missouri Department of Conservation rec... Read More »

Being pescitarian and fish farming...?