Is firefox really better than Internet explorer?

Answer It's really a personal preference more than anything else. I think Firefox is a much more intelligently designed web browser in terms of look and feel, but that's just my opinion. Some may say it... Read More »

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Is the Firefox internet browser better than Explorer?

I've had firefox but i prefer explorer. On Firefox, the window is just so much different and annoys me. That'd be the only downsite to it, i guess. Oh, and it goes slower for me.

Is firefox better than interent explorer?

It depends on what you really want to do and what OS you are using. If you are windows then IE is your best bet however, I most add that Firefox has many features that will make life easier for you... Read More »

Which one is better Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7?

There's quite a few differences, and which is better is a matter of opinion. If I told you one or the other is better, it would be a lie considering what is better to me may not be better to you.Ho... Read More »

Internet ­explorer and firefox ­­­­­­­­­­­which one better?

FirefoxIncreased customization- Many addons available- You can customize everything about FirefoxLess susceptibility to viruses, spyware and adwareInternet explorer is slower.Opera is good too but ... Read More »