Is firefighting part of the Department of Defense?

Answer The U.S. Department of Defense does employ civilian firefighters. Department of Defense firefighters must pass a performance test and receive certification. The age limit for applying to be a Depar... Read More »

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Is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency part of the defense department?

Is the CIA part of the Defense Department?

No - the CIA is an independent agency within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. It is not uncommon, however, to have an active duty military officer (must be 4-star rank) to be appointed ... Read More »

Is the US Navy part of the Department of Defense?

Yes, the Navy is a part of the Department of Defense.

Why is the marine corps not part of the department of defense?

It is, as part of the Navy. You might be thinking of the Coast guard, which is part of the Dept. of Transportation except in wartime or other emergency, when it becomes part of the Navy command str... Read More »