Is fever common in Children loosing their deciduous baby teeth?

Answer No - this is an old wive's tale - teething does NOT cause fever. Teething will cause irritability, salivation, and looser stools, however.So, if your toddler has a rectal temperature > 100.4 F, the... Read More »

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Why deciduous teeth are called milk teeth?

because they r more white as compared to their permanent counter parts

How to Keep Your Children Brushing Their Teeth?

Start teaching your children to brush their teeth at a very young age. This way they will learn the importance of good dental hygiene and will continue to keep brushing their teeth as they grow int... Read More »

How to Make Children Like Brushing Their Teeth?

Setting up a regular schedule for caring for your child's teeth should begin when the first teeth come in. At this stage, parents can brush with a gentle toothpaste made for babies, but later, duri... Read More »

Design an activity for children to look after their teeth?

You could have 2 sets of pictures. One set could be healthy foods and the other set could be unhealthy foods. You could have a molar shaped tooth with a happy face on it, and another molar shaped ... Read More »