Is fertility blend safe?

Answer Fertility Blend is an herbal fertility supplement for women that is generally considered safe. It has been reported that side effects include occasional nausea and the disruption of a normal menstr... Read More »

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Fertility Blend?

I am currently on FertilAid.. started on 4/9.. i think i may be pregnant.. hopefully and God willing. and im praying about it definately.. My expected period will be around 5/5.. Im getting pregnan... Read More »

Does fertility blend work?

On One Hand: Positive Pregnancy in StudiesA three-month Stanford University study reported that three of nine women in the active study group became pregnant with the use of FertilityBlend. Of the ... Read More »

Is Fertility Blend dangerous?

On One Hand: No, It's Not DangerousFertility Blend is a nutritional supplement that boosts fertility in women. The main ingredient is chasteberry, an herb that balances progesterone levels, accordi... Read More »

Fertility Over the Age of 40?

With the increase of multiple births in the last few decades comes increased attention on fertility and methods to raise fertility levels. The percentage of women over the age of 30 experiencing th... Read More »