Is fennel good for the stomach?

Answer On One Hand: Stomach BenefitsFennel is an herb indigenous to southern Europe, also cultivated in the United States. According to OrganicFacts.Net, fennel can be used for nausea, cramps, flatulence,... Read More »

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What is dog fennel good for?

Dog fennel or "Anthemis cotula," also called mayweed and sometimes "stinking chamomile" is related botanically to chamomile. It grows in all 50 states. The plant causes skin irritation and rashes... Read More »

Water and Empty stomach - good for health - why not you drink water in the empty stomach?

Thank you so much for the wonderful helpful advice you have shared. I will take on board everything you have said, and will pass on this information to all the peoples I know. Thank you for helping... Read More »

What Is Good for Stomach Gas?

Gas is a normal part of life and a sign of a functioning digestive system. In fact is it not uncommon for a person to pass gas (or burp) 14 times per day or more. But if you feel that the amount of... Read More »

Is lipase good for stomach gas?

On One Hand: Study Showed BenefitsLipase is an enzyme that breaks down fats in food so they can be absorbed by the body. In a clinical study reported in "Digestive Diseases and Sciences," a timed-... Read More »