Is fennel also known as sweet anise?

Answer Fennel and anise may have a similar taste, but botanically they are two different plants. Herbs2000, a nutritional health care site, reports that common names for anise are aniseed, anise plant, co... Read More »

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Are Fennel & Anise the Same?

Fennel and anise are different plants that share a similar flavor, reminiscent of licorice. Fennel is cultivated as a vegetable whereas anise is an herb, grown for its seeds and essential oil. The ... Read More »

Are fennel and anise the same vegetable?

Fennel and anise are herbs, not vegetables. Although they share a similar licorice-like flavor, fennel and anise are different plants. Fennel resembles celery but has a large white bulb and feather... Read More »

How do I harvest sweet fennel?

LeavesSnip the sweet fennel leaves once the plant is about 6 inches tall. Cut the top 2 or 3 inches of leaves to ensure future growth. Freeze the clippings for later use in a sealed plastic bag or ... Read More »

How to Substitute Anise Extract for Anise Seed?

Anise was cultivated by ancient Egyptians and has been in use in America since the 14th century, according to Known as Pimpinella anisum, anise is harvested for its seeds, from which... Read More »