Is feminine itching normal?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, It's Perfectly NormalVaginal itching is a common occurrence and may be caused by any number of relatively benign conditions. Chemical irritants, found in products like soap and ba... Read More »

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When pregnant is vaginal itching and swelling normal?

Yes, this is normal when you are pregnant. Your skin is stretching so it will begin to itch. You can use a lot of lotion when this happens.Answer:I doubt the vagina is stretching but you need to ge... Read More »

Is itching normal after wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes! It is just a part of the healing process. It is annoying, but that means your body is doing it's job. You will know when the pain you feel is something more serious. If it gets to an unbearabl... Read More »

If your vulva has been really swollen and darkened in color for over a year but you have no pain itching or irritation is this normal or do you need to see a gynecologist?

Answer There is probably nothing wrong, but if I were you, I'd go to the doctor anyway. Just to be sure.I don't agree. Any unusual change to your body must be taken seriously. especially when it's ... Read More »

How to Appear More Feminine?

Learning how to appear more feminine is simply a matter of recognizing common feminine traits and details and incorporating them, while still retaining your own personality.You may have been a tom... Read More »