Is fantasy factory scripted?

Answer yes, he admitted it in season 3 behind the scenes.

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When does season 5 of fantasy factory start?

Why isn't Christopher Boykin in Fantasy Factory?

Because his wife had a baby and he has to take care of his new family. I really miss him and I'm sad they canceled Rob & Big too!Actually big black already had a wife and a daughter (of 18 and olde... Read More »

Why is turbos face blurred on fantasy factory?

Its just one of robs friends from Rob and Big. He blurs his face to make him mad xDIm sure the people(drama,chenal, big cat) on that show get a small % of the profits the show makes. So by blurrin... Read More »

Why is christopher boykins not on the fantasy factory show?

he had a child on the last episode of Rob and Big so he has to stay with his family