Do you think that Family guy is just offensive and not funny now?

Answer Hate to break it to you, but Seth MacFarlane is just a liberal atheist and everything he does reflects that. I don't know what Family Guy you were watching, but it's always had overt religious mock... Read More »

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Funny Family Portrait Ideas?

You have seen endless family photos with the same old poses. The family is standing or sitting together, or some are sitting and some are standing. They are side-by-side, too close, but nicely fit ... Read More »

How to Write a Funny Song About a Family Member?

At a relative's birthday party, holiday event, or when you're hanging out, sometimes it's fun to write a song or rap filled with humor about someone.

Tokio Hotel Family: Funny misheard lyrics?

LOL -- and this is the first time I really did laugh out loud!!*Wanna be a pig*!!I always hear random english words in the german lyrics -- In Beichte i could swear i hear "tax collector" and "insu... Read More »

Was the movie "Anger Management" suppose to be funny if so,,how it was funny?

Yes, it was.It was funny because the Psychiatrist Dr Rydell kept annoying the main character Dave. It was also funny when one of the anger management participants clenched his fist close to Dave's ... Read More »