Is falling a sign of brain cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Brain Cancer May Lead to FallingBrain cancer may cause several symptoms that lead to falling. These include blurry and double vision, loss of feeling or numbness in the leg, weakness i... Read More »

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I Saw, This Morning ("House Call", CNN), people Saying that "Cancer Rates Are Falling", Do they Mean, "Cancer-?

Agree with ZrepMD and Panda - - as usual.Here's the ACS data doctor Greg562,340 deaths in 2009 from cancer (estimated)565,650 deaths in 2008 Lung cancers in the USA peaked in the 1990's when I was ... Read More »

Is brain cancer and a brain tumor the same thing?

Interesting that you bring this up.Primary brain malignancies have always been called brain "tumors" rather than "cancer of the brain."Yet many are clearly cancerous, locally invasive, progressing ... Read More »

Could I have a brain injury 4 days after falling down the stairs?

I'm sure you're fine, people hgit their head all the time. If you were knocked out you might want to ask a doctor but other than than, take a paracetamol and you'll be fine!

Could I have brain cancer?

I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. :( Fortunately, I think I can provide some good news; it does not seem as if you have brain cancer - the most common symptoms of brain cancer are seve... Read More »