Is fall a good time to plant a tree?

Answer On One Hand: One one hand: Spring plantingNew trees do best when planted in moderate conditions. Trees planted in spring have time to acclimatize and establish themselves before the dry conditions ... Read More »

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When is a good time to plant a tree?

On One Hand: Spring Planting Is Best for Some TreesSlow-to-establish trees, which tend to have fewer, larger roots, are best suited to spring planting. These trees benefit from generous spring rain... Read More »

When is the best time to plant fall bulbs?

According to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension, the fall-blooming bulbs "colchicums should be planted immediately after arrival or purchase in the fall. (They often bloom in storage i... Read More »

What is a good fall vegetable to plant?

Planting vegetables in your garden is a great way to save money and spend more time outdoors. Watching your vegetables grow throughout the spring and summer will be exciting and will lead to a grea... Read More »

Good Vegetables to Plant in the Fall in Virginia?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, fall in Virginia begins in mid September. Depending on which hardiness zone you are in, zone 6 or 7, fall usually lasts until the beginning or middl... Read More »