Is facebook worth getting if you are still young?

Answer It depends on what you put on your facebook page and who you add. On facebook, I only add people that I actually know or people that go to my school. On my Myspace, I add pretty much anyone that se... Read More »

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Is it still worth it to have a Facebook application built?

Usually, if people want a Facebook app, they get the original one. So, no.

How do i contact facebook to remove them off as my friend is still getting abruse of her?

Go to their profile and, to the right of "message" there is a little gear/options button. Click it and it will you give you the option to block/report her

If you cant afford an iphone 3GS so is the iphone 3G still worth getting or is it out of date?

haha they are the same but 3gs is slighty faster so why not

How young is too young for a Facebook account?

Well, i guess it all depends on the parent. I am still in highschool, so i don't want to make you think i am another parent who has been through this lol. But, i suggest letting them make one, and ... Read More »