Is facebook working for you guys right now?

Answer nope.

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Is Facebook working for you guys?

Nope. It'sbeing suuuuuuuuuper slow. I actually came on here, Y!A, to see if it was just me haha. Actually, there's a site that can tell you if somethings down. The url is:isup. meYou have to take o... Read More »

Is facebook working for you right now?

i think there running updates till 3:30best answer right? or else;{

My facebook isn't working right?

try clearing your cache and cookies, then log back inyou can also try using a different browser

Why isn't facebook working on 9/23/10 right now?

mine isn't working right now either. I did a check and its apparently got to do with the DNS. Domain Name Server. It said contact them about it not working but so much for being able to let them kn... Read More »