Is facebook safe enough for 7th graders?

Answer NO They need to get something else. tell him to wait till 9th grade!!

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Is wikipedia safe enough to get informations on?

It depends on the level of safety you want. Most Wikipedia articles are quite good, but it is not always clear whether the article has been written by a specialist on the subject, an amateur who re... Read More »

Is it safe to shop at thrift stores Are they clean enough?

I have collected vintage clothes for over 20 years, to wear and to do programs on. Also, I collect Hats ! I shop at Thrift stores, second hand stores, Good will, salvation army, garage sales... Read More »

Will freezer pack keep dairy products cool enough to be safe to eat in a lunch bag?

There should be no problem keeping your food safe for that amount of time, but if you are worried why not get one more freezer pack and put it on the bottom of your bag for security? That would be ... Read More »

How safe is facebook?

SxyPersian4LYFE is correct, if ur gonna go to FB just make sure to change ALL of ur settings to private, or friends only, or just you settings, u can set it so no one can search you, and you can do... Read More »