Is facebook overrated?

Answer Yes. It's a very crudely designed site.As you say, it's good as a forum for separated family members or contacting old friends.But it's overused by people who feel the need to 'be popular' above an... Read More »

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Is beauty overrated?

I think beauty in America has gotten blown out of proportion if that makes any sense. Beauty to a lot of young girls is being very skinny, tan, with blonde hair and blue eyes the fake looking ones,... Read More »

Is Startbucks overrated?

Starbucks is good stuff.Over rated? yeah.You still can't beat a good dark roast coffee.(or Starbucks $5.00 specialty drinks....)But to each his own....

Who according to u is the most OVERRATED CELEBRITY?

Do you think that is meat overrated?

I love meat, chicken, fish, pork and more. One of my favorite meats is a nice grilled ribeye steak with some grilled shrimp. Nothing overrated about it at all!