Is facebook good or bad for school students ?

Answer It really depends on the students mind set. If the student cannot concentrate and is easily distracted, Facebook can take time from their studies. A good thing about facebook (my class does this) i... Read More »

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Is facebook a good site for students or bad?

If students choose to use it right, it could be a very good resource! They could communicate to eachother for projects or group work, help each other with homework, and interchange ideas. It could ... Read More »

Good Research Projects for Middle School Students?

All students require a good foundation in research skills to progress further in their education. When students move to higher or other educational institutions, they must research topics independe... Read More »

Good Science Experiments for Middle School Students?

Science experiments are an important part of a well rounded science curriculum. Performing experiments allows students to observe and illustrate the concepts learned during classroom work. These ex... Read More »

Is an ipad good for high school/college students?

If you're looking for functionality, quit wasting your money on those grossly over priced and incompatible Apple products. 18 years and they STILL can't compete with the rest of the computer market... Read More »