Is facebook better than myspace?

Answer myspace is wicked if your into music but facebook is loads better if you wana chat to your mates and it does alot more little things to. i jave both and to be honest i only use myspace for music.

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Is facebook the new myspace?

No. Facebook is for normal people whereas myspace is for kids or attention whores.

Do you think it's sad that Myspace is trying to become like Facebook?

yeah i go on myspace once every 2 weeks maybe and they always seem to add something new that facebook thought of first1) both2) facebook3) more organized, less spam

Facebook or Myspace (Which is better)?

I think MySpace is better because there, you can modify to your taste, also have playlists, you can also see the profile of any person, not otherwise in facebook.ok...

Which is better a myspace or a facebook?

facebook because uno is addictive on there