Is facebook being slow and unresponsive for anyone else Feb. 25th 2012?

Answer Yes! It has worked all day for me and as soon as I saw your question I went back to fb and couldn't even get the page to load. So I came back to yahoo to answer you. They must be down everywhere- S... Read More »

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Is YouTube being really slow for anyone else at the moment?

No, it isnt just you mines hardly buffering a 3 minute long video. i just think my whole internet is really slow today

Is anyone else having problems loading Facebook in the past day or so It's running really slow?

Finally someone else with the same problems. The past few days have been extremely slow to the point where i can't do anything anymore without frustration. It's been slow though for about a month, ... Read More »

Is Youtube slow for anyone else?

Works fine for me! YouTube's servers are strong enough to handle a few extra thousand people who tuned it for Mitt Romney (who won't win anyways ;D).

CBB: Does anyone know why Ulrika is being paid more than anyone else...?

no idea some are doing it for just £20.000 i hope they discuss their fees should cause a few rows if nothing else lol