Is facebook being slow and unresponsive for anyone else Feb. 25th 2012?

Answer Yes! It has worked all day for me and as soon as I saw your question I went back to fb and couldn't even get the page to load. So I came back to yahoo to answer you. They must be down everywhere- S... Read More »

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Why is my computer so slow and unresponsive?

For this, perhaps, your pc is infected the spyware. Or you should uninstall the desktop application like norton.Here are a few simple tips for maintaining the performance of your PC. Run the Regris... Read More »

Why is my computer so slow and unresponsive PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?

Computers run very slow sometimes due to many reasons. If the hard disk is full then it can make the system slow, low capacity of RAM, If the computer has unnecessary network drives, The virus att... Read More »

"I SHOULD receive my refund by February 7, 2012" so I might still get it by Jan 25th like cycle charts date?

The IRS always puts in extra days in the time of when u will get your refund. You will receive it on Feb.1 st. They send pre auths to your bank and as long as your bank updates immediately you wil... Read More »

Is choking care for unresponsive children the same for unresponsive adults?