Just drank some expired cough/cold medicine?

Answer I think that most likely the worst thing to happen is that the medicine will not work on your symptoms because the active ingredients are inactive.

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What medicine should pregnant women take for a cold or flu?

There is no medicine for a cold or flu since there is no cure but there are medicine to help with the symptoms and if you have a headache you can take Tylenol if absolutely needed. If you need coug... Read More »

What medicine can you take when you feel a cold coming on?

u could b like Michael phelps and hit the bong for awhile cas marijuana causes u to forget about things such as sicknesess. i blaze that $hit up with johny Hopkins everyday and im fine, never been ... Read More »

Can we take any medicine (tablet) along with cold drink?

"What will..." is correct about some meds taken with food. The label or your pharmacist will tell you. I take all of my meds with pop. With some I eat food first, but I like taking the pills with p... Read More »

What medicine can you take for a cold when you're pregnant?

Antihistamines, such as Benadryl, are considered safe during pregnancy. The decongestant guafenesin, which thins mucous secretions, is also safe. If you have a cough, plain old Robitussin DM is f... Read More »