Is everyone anti-smoking?

Answer I'm a smoker and even I'm against it.

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My parents are still smoking on anti smoking medicine ?

antismoking medicine means they are getting a daily nicotine dose..adding a cigarette on top of that could be toxic, and I see that you already knew this at some level.the fact that they get nasty ... Read More »

What Is The Name Of The Drug That Everyone Is Smoking (and is legal in the US)?

OMG, ewww! Smoking is so unhealthy for you. Try meth instead!

Anti-smoking Activities for Kids?

The surgeon general warns that smoking is harmful to the person smoking the cigarette, and even infrequent smoking and secondhand smoke are harmful to internal organs. The warning includes serious ... Read More »

Can some of the anti-adoption people explain this please Open to everyone?

Hi Snickette,Its true in many ways what you've said in the details of your question. No one person handles trauma the same. Nor does everyone suffer from it in every situation simply because anothe... Read More »