Is every size 3d tv has a disadvantage of image flicker?

Answer 3D flicker can occur when active glasses are not properly synchronized with the television. Making sure they are properly paired with the television will fix the problem. Later 3D televisions have ... Read More »

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Flicker-free image is what Lg Cinema 3d tv promises, is it that good as a product?

It is indeed a good product because the brand has proved itself time and again..... LG Cinema 3d tv is the first of its kind and excellent in all ways.

Need to convert an image of size 135x136 to ICON of size more than 128x128 Pls help?

Free Online Image Resizers:JPEGMini: Read More »

What's a good size for an image on the web.?

Industry standard is 72dpi. Anything more is wasting space (bandwith) and time.In Photoshop and Illustrator there is an option to save for web. It will show you your file size at different optimiza... Read More »

How do I compress image size in Photoshop?

Open Photoshop and the image you want to resize. Click on "Image" at the top of the screen, then click on "Image Size.' Change the resolution to 72 and set the pixel dimensions to 800 by 600. Adjus... Read More »