Is e*trade stock buying for me?

Answer On One Hand: E*Trade FinancialE*Trade offers a plethora of resources for investing, including but not limited to: help sections filled with information about the difference between buying stocks an... Read More »

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How much is an SEC fee for buying stock?

There is no fee for buying a stock other than your broker's commission. However, there is a "transaction fee" the SEC charges that is 1% of one eight-hundredth of the dollar value of the equities s... Read More »

What is short buying stock?

Short selling is when a trader essentially bets on a stock and buys it high expecting it to go lower in a relatively short period of time in order to sell it back at a profit.FunctionShort selling ... Read More »

What does buying stock on margin mean?

Buying stock on margin means to purchase shares of stock with borrowed money, usually from a broker. Buyers who expect a stock's share price to increase will borrow funds to leverage purchasing pow... Read More »

Walkthrough for Buying Stock Options?

Stock options add a powerful investment class to your portfolio. Understanding stock options can help add an important layer of understanding to your knowledge of the market. Options are also a use... Read More »