Is ethnic food more diverse than some people think?

Answer Yes of course. It's sad that chicken tandoori is associated with India when the diet is predominantly vegetarian. Also sad that falafel is associated with Middle East when it is actually a Levant f... Read More »

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Why do people think that circumcision hurts more for adults than for babies?

Great question and thanks for posting. I 100% agree with you. The problem is, adults can state if they are in any pain and can also give informed consent to the procedure- babies can't. As I have s... Read More »

Do you think 'adoptions' like this happen more than people can imagine?

Well, more than most people can imagine, I'm sure. I don't have to use my imagination at all because I've heard of many such cases before.People who would never buy a car or horse without being ve... Read More »

Why are some people more at risk for alcohol addiction than others?

Some people are more at risk for alcohol addiction than others. While scientists continue to study alcoholism as of 2010, some factors causing the disorder are already well documented.Genetic Predi... Read More »

Wow do some vegans really think their diet makes them more healthy than?

Many vegans (and vegetarians) are genuinely sincere is believing their diet is healthier. They were unhealthy meat eaters but became more diligent when they turned vegan so they became healthier. ... Read More »