Is estrogen a neurohormone?

Answer Estrogen is not a neurohormone. It is a female sex hormone (along with progesterone) produced by the female gonads (ovaries) of a woman's reproductive system. Estrogen is released from glands that... Read More »

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Does soy contain estrogen?

Soy products contain estrogen made from plants, which is also known as phytoestrogens. For this reason, soy products are believed to have an effect on fertility, as well as the symptoms of menopaus... Read More »

Do I need more estrogen?

On One Hand: You May Be At A Low LevelLow levels of the estrogen hormone can lead to depression, hair loss, extreme fatigue and weight gain. Low estrogen levels can be attributed to the onset of me... Read More »

Does soy milk contain estrogen?

Soy milk does not contain estrogen hormone. Soybeans, the primary ingredient of soy milk, contain isoflavones. Soy isoflavones are the most concentrated source of phytoestrogen in the human diet. ... Read More »

Is estrogen an androgen?

Estrogen is not an androgen. According to, androgens comprise a group of male hormones produced naturally by the body. These hormones encourage male sexual development. Estrogen, on ... Read More »